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Vlaze ADAPT 120 unit with DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven

Vlaze ADAPT 120 unit with DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven

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The Vlaze ADAPT 120 unit is perfect to partner with a DeliVita Wood-Fired outdoor oven. 

Even with your DeliVita oven on top you still have 1/2 your ADAPT worktop to use for preparation and serving. Plus, underneath your double cupboard with central shelf is ideal for all your pizza paddles, wood supplies, chopping boards and more.  

DeliVita ovens are also a British made product that allows you to cook fresh pizzas in just 2-5 minutes. More than just a pizza oven, cook meat, fish and your veg perfectly too! They come in a range of colours to match you ADAPT units perfectly. 

We've included the DeliVita Pizzaolo collection as standard as we want you to be ready to cook straight away. Have your pizza peel, cutter and more - simply see the TAB above OVEN KIT.

The Vlaze ADAPT 120 units are designed to sit on their own, or side by side with other units. Choose to have on legs or castors so you can move the unit around which is a very cool and unique feature of this outdoor kitchen range.

Size: Length 1200mm x Width 700mm x Height 896mm

Weight: 100kg {vlaze only}

Pizza Oven Size: Length 590mm x Width 590mm x Height 590mm

Weight: under 30kg

Style#: Vlaze ADAPT 120 Outdoor Kitchen Unit with DELIVITA Wood-Fire Pizza Oven 

Inspiration: Click here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Portfolio

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