Collection: Fògher - The Outdoor Kitchen

Made in Italy - loved in the UK! This stunning outdoor kitchen range is designed with the functionality of a traditional kitchen, but made for the outdoors. 

The Fògher LARES collection is a very clever set of modular cabinets allowing us to design your kitchen exactly how you would like it. 

Choose from gas or induction BBQs, perhaps include a stainless steel sink, add a fridge, choose your storage selections and you'll be ready for your family and friends arriving at a moments notice.

Next step? simply call our Design Team who will show you around our showroom where we have our own Fogher LARES kitchen on display, or start chatting with them so they can design the perfect outdoor kitchen ready for your garden.

Still need some inspiration?  Simply Click Here to discover our Portfolio of Outdoor Kitchens. 

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