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Alba Butterfly Retractable Canopy

Alba Butterfly Retractable Canopy

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Introducing our latest innovative retractable outdoor canopy: The Alba Butterfly, from our partners Corradi. Awarded GOLD R+T Innovation Award 2024 for Best Outdoor Product.

Beautifully designed with the same Italian flair as the rest of their canopy range, the Alba Butterfly is ideal for both commercial and residential outdoor spaces. With the possibility of going up to 5500mm x 7150mm on just four corner leg columns, allows us to design for small intimate spaces or larger covered areas.

With the design feature of the curved canvas retractable roof allowing full light or closing completely to make a very watertight cover, living outdoors for longer just got easier. The rainwater drainage system has been designed to drastically reduce the possibility of dripping inside the pergola.

The folding of the retractable canvas roof is achieved thanks to the Butterfly, a new pantograph system of aluminium rods that support the canvas tubes. The fabric then folds upwards leaving the entire space underneath free, unlike other Pergotenda® systems which folds downwards. This unique design also reduced the space for the fully folded roof stacked at one end by approximately 40% compared to similar sized Pergotenda® systems.

Alba Butterfly can be designed to include our full range of accessories including automatic fix-screen blinds, glass sliding doors, along with lighting.

A lovely feature of the Alba Butterfly is the continuous LED light around the entire inner perimeter, allowing you to enjoy your outdoors space long after the daylight is gone.

Installation Types: Choose from freestanding or wall mounted.

Sizes: Single Module dimensison up to 5500 x 7150mm {Minimum 2000 x 1900}

Style #: Corradi Alba Butterfly Retractable Canopy

Portfolio: simply click here to see lots of design examples

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