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At Garden House Design we’ve worked extremely hard to build a portfolio of outdoor products and garden services all under one roof. This allows our experienced and passionate team to offer you everything from a simple design consultation on your canopy, or outdoor kitchen, right through to a fully designed and landscaped outdoor space.  

We offer the overall end-to-end service, or alternatively, if you have a garden designer, landscaper, architect, or other industry professional, we can liaise with them to help create your outdoor space.  

With over 25 years’ experience and working alongside some of the best industry experts, such as, the top garden designers and leading landscapers. With 13 of these years, as Renson’s only UK Premium Ambassador. We have been able to deliver a multitude of projects, to the highest standard. Which has also allowed us to trailblaze the UK Canopy marketplace. 

Recently we added exciting and innovative outdoor kitchen brands like Cubic Outdoor Living, Fógher & Fumaça, who take pride in their partners. 

Discover each of our services in a little more detail below as we start to take you through your design journey, with one clear goal: helping and inspiring you to live outdoors for longer!  

Inspiration: check out Our Portfolio full of exciting images and projects we have completed to help you gather ideas for your own perfect outdoor space. Simply Click Here.

  • Design_Process_GHD_5709fdb7-f50c-4714-bc3c-7b3a581cf75f - Garden House Design

    Canopy & Kitchen Design

    Discover the steps we take to start you on your design journey.

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  • Commercial_Project_by_Garden_House_Design_12_d23ad04e-30fc-492d-bd6b-3290723a2a03 - Garden House Design

    Commercial Services

    Discover our Commercial Services and how we can enhance your business.

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  • Garden_Design_Process_GHD_c90f4b1b-776c-4e14-89f3-60f20d428725 - Garden House Design

    Garden Design

    Discover how we can create your outdoor space into a blooming and stunning garden.

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  • Cosiscoop_original_light_pink_fire_lantern_by_Garden_House_Design_at_the_RHS_Chelsea_Flower_Show_2023_e5a8cf87-4a24-443e-89e1-fc9530fbc71e - Garden House Design

    Outdoor Styling

    Discover how we can focus on the small details, to make your outdoor space flourish.

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