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Giulio Barbieri

Eclettica Fixed Roof Pergola

Eclettica Fixed Roof Pergola

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Introducing the Eclettica outdoor pergola with a waterproof and also, wind resistant fixed ceiling equipped with a membrane and sound-absorbing panels aimed at reflecting sound waves therefore, helping to provide a peaceful and quiet outdoor covered space.

Installation Types: Freestanding or Wall Mounted, both including designs with integrated water drainage.

The roof has good thermal insulation. Therefore, it controls the temperature and also helps to prevent the build-up of condensation, keeping you cool in the summer and warmer in winter. 

With its simplified design, additionally the Eclettica is built to allow easy cleaning and maintenance of its aluminium profiles and also the roof,. This is in case it is in the presence of trees and plants that lose their foliage as a result of the winter season. Integrated drainage within the structure deals with taking all the water away from the roof.

Let's personalise: This canopy can be complimented with a number of accessories including, glass sliding doors, exit push doors, automatic side blinds and also, integrated lighting options. Thus, all offering the ideal solution to achieve maximum comfort and security for all seasons.

Wonderful range of colours and sizes to suit all type of garden big and small.

Always at the forefront of innovation, the design also has the possibility of installing photovoltaic solar panels. For more information on this feature, simply mention when discussing your design with our professional team.

Style#: Eclettica Iso thermal Pergola Giulio Barbieri 

Inspiration: Click Here to discover our Portfolio, full of design examples. 

Made in Italy by our canopy partners Giulio Barbieri

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