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Renson Camargue Skye Retractable Canopy

Renson Camargue Skye Retractable Canopy

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Our newest and most innovative Skye patio cover with retractable louvered roof. This design has the same functions of opening and also, closing louvered roof blades of our most popular Camargue canopy. However, with the additional function, to then retract back the blades offering an open skyline.

S-Drive Technology - reliable, duration rotation and retractable technology {tilt and stack} thanks to the patented S-Drive designed and owned by Renson. Roof blades can be rotated to allow warm air out and also, protect from sun, or wind. Roof blades than slide open to maximum amount of light in and therefore, provide wide open views. Synchronised drive on both sides of the blades: therefore, the roof will open and close in one smooth movement. No gaps between the blades.

Fully customise your canopy with our unique range of accessories to your taste and comfort. Adding glass sliding panels allows you to create extra living space in no time, and the sun can be kept out {or let in} using our electronic sun protection screens.

  • Screens
  • Outdoor Curtains
  • Heaters & Lights
  • Glass Sliding Doors
  • Storage Spaces

With the right accessories you can relax and enjoy your outdoor experience underneath your canopy in complete comfort. Look to include;

  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Power Sockets
  • Remote Controls
  • Sensors

Sleek in design, additionally, available in a full range of RAL colours, the Camargue Skye truly makes a special feature in any garden design style: contemporary, traditional, or modern.

Installation Types: Choose from freestanding or wall mounted.

Sizes: various sizes from 2m x 2.6m to 4.5m x 6m and all the combinations in-between. 

Style #: Renson Camargue Skye Louvered & Retractable Outdoor Canopy

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Renson Canopies Portfolio. 

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