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Vistafolia Faux Foliage Colour Boxes

Vistafolia Faux Foliage Colour Boxes

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Add some extra personality to your faux green wall with one of our beautiful colours from delicate blossoms to vibrant fiery red.

The colour boxes add a realistic and vibrant addition to your Faux living walls. Mix & match colours and textures to really make your Faux living wall look amazing.

Delicate White Colour Box: a beautiful mix of summer blossoms dotted with delicate white flowers.

Forest Flame Colour Box: invigorating reds mix perfectly with the green to create a stunning view.

Soft Lavender Colour Box: cascading greens blended with stunning blue lavender and blossoms.

Spring Pink Colour Box: a timeless combination of elegant pink flowers and earthy green plants.


Style #: Vistafolia Artifical Faux Foliage Colour Flower Boxes

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