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Vistafolia Faux Green Wall Panels

Vistafolia Faux Green Wall Panels

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If you have a space that simply won't allow you to grow a planted green wall, then we recommend our lush, vibrant Vistafolia Faux Green Wall Panels. Creating a gorgeous feature vertically in any garden style.

The faux foliage is realistic with 72 artificial plants per panel, varying in height to provide a rich and full design. Using 16 plant varieties to add a realistic texture. You can then customise further from the 4 Vistafolia colour plant boxes, to add a splash of your favourite colour. Or try one of our 4 Texture boxes, to add even more depth to your green wall design.

Whilst they are suitable for a competent DIY installation, we are delighted to offer a full design and fitting service for our customers. Simply call our design team for more details. Our panels are sold in sets of 3, so you can build squares, rectangles or even cut around different shapes and circles to suit your garden design.

Standard Panel Measurements: Height 800mm x Width 800mm x Depth up to 200mm.

Coverage: 1 Panel - 0.64 sqm.

Weight: Approx: 7kg per artificial wall panel.

Packing: Box of three artificial green wall panels {1xA, 1xB 1xC Panel}.

Style #: Vistafolia Artifical Faux Green Foliage Wall Panels for Living Wall 

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Portfolio. 

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