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Sit & Heat

Sit & Heat - Heated Cushions

Sit & Heat - Heated Cushions

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Live outdoors for longer with our Sit & Heat Nimma Chair Cushions. A heated cushion that strives to heat up your body and reserve energy at the same time. 

Sit & Heat Nimma cushions heat your core, not your atmosphere, meaning that it is more efficient and does not waste heat outdoors. With a battery pack and charging adapter, you can charge your outdoor cushion with ease. Once the cushion has been turned on by the battery pack and the cushion control panel, you will  begin to feel warmth for up to 3 hours. However, when you stand up, the cushion will turn itself off by after two minutes. 

Battery and charger supplied with every cushion.

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Sold in singles, with extra discount applied for sets of 2 and sets of 4.

Sizes: Chair Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 30mm. Weight 375g. 

Battery Dimensions: 144 x 85 x 28mm. Weight 375g. 

Style #: Sit & Heat Heated Outdoor Indoor Cushions Battery Powered

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