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Morsø Large Outdoor Table

Morsø Large Outdoor Table

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The Morsø Large Outdoor Table provides you with the perfect height therefore, for creating amazing meals for your loved ones. With an open cabinet, you can additionally, store all your outdoor cooking essentials. The tool rail also allows you to easily hang your cooking utensils, thus, keeping all you need in one place. 

Made of powder coated steel, the sleek and slim design furthermore, creates simplicity and functionality. Enjoy endless meals with your loved ones and also, live outdoors to the fullest with the Morsø Outdoor Table. 

(See our range of Morsø Grills to accompany this outdoor table.) 

Sizes: Width 60cm x Height 80cm x Depth 120cm. Weight 60kg. 

Style #: Morsø LARGE Outdoor Table BBQ Grill Stand 

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Portfolio. 

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