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Morsø Forno Gas Piccolo Grill

Morsø Forno Gas Piccolo Grill

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The Morsø Forno Gas Piccolo Grill is smallest model of the Forno collection. Perfect for adding a gorgeous accessory to your outdoor kitchen and also, outdoor space. This outdoor grill has the functions of a traditional grill while contrasting, with a compact, handy size to be placed on outdoor work surfaces. 

Made from moulded aluminium, with a solid cast iron grilling grid, therefore, creating a minimalistic design that, allows you to create amazing meals. Have the best outdoor cooking experience with your friends and family with the Morsø Forno Gas Piccolo Grill. While additionally, falling in love with living outdoors.

Sizes: Height 396mm x Base 460mm x Depth 492mm. 

Open Grill: Depth 650mm. 

Grill Surface Dia: Depth 440mm x Base 395mm.

Weight: 12.1kg. 

Gas System:

Heat Rating: 3.6KW.

Mass Flow: G30:262g/h; G31:257g/h.

Gas and Supply Pressure: G30 Butane and G31 Propane (Not included.) 30 mBar.

Main Burner: x1

Style #: Morsø Forno PICCOLO BBQ Grill Small

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Portfolio. 

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