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Fumaça Cabinet with Drinks Cooler

Fumaça Cabinet with Drinks Cooler

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Be party ready with our Fumaça Cabinet and Drinks Cooler. The ice cooler is designed to hold up multiple bin cans or bottles and also, around 8 bottles of wine. Additionally, it features a sink style plug waste therefore, you can easily drain any water afterwards. 

As if not that's cool enough {excuse the pun!} this cabinet also features a pull-out bin on the other side, therefore, perfect for empty bottles or indeed fresh bottles ready to top up your cooler.

Size: Length 1200mm x Width 650mm x Height 950mm

Top Tip: Pop small metal bowls into your ice for your garnishes like lemon, olives etc to  therefore, keep them nice and fresh.

Style#: Fumaça Cooler Cabinet with Drinks Cooler Modular Outdoor Kitchen

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