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Fumaça Bar Stool Cabinet

Fumaça Bar Stool Cabinet

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Why not consider adding seating into your outdoor kitchen ideas. Furthermore, It makes for a wonderful addition to any kitchen design layout , therefore, integrated into a row of cabinets, creating an L shape, or even designing as a freestanding island opposite your kitchen with one unit for two or two units for 4 seats.

Additionally, the bar stool cabinet can be made in any of the 4 style colours. As we don't want to depict an exact style or colour for the bar stools, therefore, we've not included them as standard with the cabinet. However, simply ask our design team when working with them on your own personal design, if they could suggest some cool stools from our outdoor furniture range.

Size: Length 1200mm x Width 650mm x Height 950mm

Top Tip: Think about the positioning of your cabinet to try and also, get the best views once you or your guest is sitting up at the bar.

Style#: Fumaça Bar Stool Cabinet Modular Outoor Kitchen 

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Portfolio. 

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