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DeliVita GHD Exclusive Cappuccino Oven

DeliVita GHD Exclusive Cappuccino Oven

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Our beautiful Cappuccino oven is inspired by our love for sharing coffee. It sits well with lots of palette shades, from the moody blacks and dark woods to the light and coastal pale greys and beiges. Perfect for all types of outdoor spaces from urban balconies to gardens.

The DeliVita ovens are wood-fired, meaning you can cook fresh pizzas in just 25 minutes from lighting your oven. Once to temperature, your pizzas will be cooked in around 90 seconds! If you're not in the mood for pizza, you can also cook meat/fish & veg perfectly in our ovens too. This versatile, portable oven is an amazing addition to your outdoor space!

Designed for outdoor life, DeliVita ovens have a completely waterproof shell. But as with all lovely things left outside, we do highly recommend a DeliVita Waterproof Cover to avoid the interior clay becoming exposed to damp when it’s not in use.

Please look at the Wood-Fired Oven Instruction Manual pdf. before you start cooking with your DeliVita oven, to therefore make sure you cure your oven & assemble it correctly. (Please note: We highly recommend you read this document and please be aware to not host any pizza parties before curing your oven.) 

Click Here for the DeliVita Recipe Book pdf. to discover the amazing meals you can create with our DeliVita ovens. 


Style #: DeliVita Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven in GHD Exclusive Cappuccino Colour

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Portfolio.

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