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DeliVita Eco Gas Oven-IN STOCK

DeliVita Eco Gas Oven-IN STOCK

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NEW to 2023!

Brand new DeliVita Eco oven is made with gas fuel to therefore, be the most fuel-efficient ovens on the market. The Blue Flame technology uses solely 4.5Kw and also, reaches temperature up to 500oF+. Therefore, meaning ultimate temperature control with precision cooking. The DeliVita Eco Oven is versatile and thus allowing you to choose your desire fuel, making cooking a breeze. From pizzas, to steaks, to vegetables-you can cook it all and more! Consequently, we have provided you with DeliVita's recipe book below for you to discover the full potencial of the DeliVita ovens. 

The DeliVita Eco is lightweight and weighs the same has the DeliVita Wood Fired Ovens (Please see our range of Wood-Fired Ovens for more!). With a range of gorgeous colours, including our GHD Exclusive Cappuccino colour, therefore you will spoilt for choice. The Dual fuel system is designed to allow cooking with gas and wood, therefore you can make the most out of outdoor living with cooking the best italian cuisine. 

Within 30 minutes you will have the perfect temperature to get cooking! Create meals and amazing memories with the DeliVita Eco Oven. Eco-friendly without effecting the taste of amazing Italian Cuisine. 

Please look at the Eco Instruction Manual pdf. before you start cooking with your DeliVita oven, to therefore make sure you cure your oven & assemble it correctly. (Please note: We highly reccommend you read this document and please be aware to not host any pizza parties before curing your oven.) 

Click Here for the DeliVita Recipe Book pdf. to discover the amazing meals you can create with our DeliVita ovens. 

IN STOCK! Hurry before they are all gone! (4 left)

Pizziaolo Bundle includes:

  • Your Eco Gas Oven with choice of colour.
  • All Weather Cover.
  • Pizza Peel. 
  • Pizza Turner.
  • Pizza Cutter.
  • Pizza Brush.
  • Dough Scraper. 
  • Organic Dough 12 Pack Voucher.

Including curb-side delivery in price.

Style #: DeliVita Eco Outdoor Gas Fuelled Pizza Oven

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Portfolio.

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