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DeliVita Diavolo Outdoor Gas Oven-IN STOCK

DeliVita Diavolo Outdoor Gas Oven-IN STOCK

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Introducing our NEW DeliVita Diavolo portable outdoor gas oven.

Be inspired to cook you own pizza outdoors, also with other recipes for your loved ones. This new design creates a way for you to therefore, enjoy the best meals with the DeliVita flair of Italian cuisine. Created in a portable size, therefore you can take it on adventures or place on a flat and also stable surface in your garden. 

Available in two beautiful colours of green & blue, to therefore, create a stunning outdoor style for everyone to enjoy. 

The DeliVita Diavolo is all packed in one box to therefore be accessible for all!

Delivery time approximately 2-3 working days. IN STOCK NOW! Get yours while stocks last with our new special prices. 

This includes:

  • The Diavolo Oven.
  • Carry Case Cover. 
  • Pizza Paddle. 
  • Temperature Gun.
  • UK Gas Regulator.
  • Voucher for 10% off DeliVita Dough Pack. 
  • Delivery included by tracked courier partner DPD
  • 1 Year manufacturer's warranty cover {excludes any accidental damage or misuse of oven}

Please note it does not include a LPG Patio Gas Bottle which you will therefore need to buy.

Please look at the Diavolo Instruction Manual pdf. before you start cooking with your DeliVita oven, to therefore make sure assemble it correctly. (Please note: We highly reccommend you read this document and please be aware to not host any pizza parties before setting up your oven.) 

Click Here for the DeliVita Recipe Book pdf. to discover the amazing meals you also can create with our DeliVita ovens. 

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Portfolio.

Style #: DeliVita DIAVOLO Gas Fuelled Outdoor Pizza Oven.

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