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DeliVita Deluxe Oven Stand

DeliVita Deluxe Oven Stand

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NEW DESIGN- The DeliVita Deluxe Stand is a handmade, fold-away oven stand that adds functionality to cooking outdoors. The Deluxe Stand has an extended tabletop which allows more space for you to prepare amazing meals and has been designed to have the perfect cooking height for your DeliVita Oven. This outdoor stand is perfect for providing a functional space for your DeliVita Oven!

Handmade in Yorkshire, UK, and from stainless steel, the Deluxe Oven stand is perfectly designed for outdoor use. The robust stand provides your stand all in one box. Therefore, it’s no hassle to assemble- just simply fold out and click the metal table on. 

The DeliVita Deluxe Stand is designed to hold your DeliVita Oven perfectly, with exciting features, such as tool hooks to hang your cooking utensils easily and a tray at the bottom that is great for keeping your logs stored, ready for use at a moment's notice. 


Click Here for the DeliVita Recipe Book pdf. to discover the amazing meals you can create with our DeliVita ovens. 

Please read the Instruction Manuals regarding your DeliVita Oven, before you start cooking with your DeliVita oven, to therefore make sure you cure your oven & assemble it correctly. (Please note: We highly recommend you read this document and please be aware to not host any pizza parties before curing your oven.) To discover these manuals, simply click on the DeliVita Oven you have purchased on our collection, to click on the pdfs. 

Size: W 66.5cm x L 106.5cm x H90.3cm. 

Style #: DeliVIta Deluxe Oven Stainless Steel Stand 

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Portfolio. 

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