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DeliVita Bundles

DeliVita Bundles

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Choose your bundle and oven colour to get all you need to create amazing meals outdoors. Ordering your DeliVita cooking utensils with your oven means you’ll have all you need to make pizzas, steaks, vegetables, fish and more! Choose from our range of DeliVita Oven colours, including our GHD Exclusive Cappuccino colour, to add a pop of colour to your outdoor space. Incorporate your DeliVita Oven on one of our Outdoor Kitchen surfaces or even on its own stand. Whatever you choose, you will make unforgettable meals and memories with these DeliVita bundles! 

Starter Bundle

This bundle includes an All-Weather Cover, Pizza Peel, Oven Brush, and Prod & Blow. 

 Pizzaiolo Collection

This bundle includes an All-Weather Cover, Pizza Peel, Pizza Cutter, Oven Brush, Prod & Blow, Dough Scraper, Pizza Turner, & 12 Organic Wholegrain Dough Balls.

The Chefs Collection

This bundle includes an All-Weather Cover, Black Iron Dish, Leather Glove, Oven Brush, Prod & Blow, & Wood-Fired Feast Book.

The Deluxe Complete Collection

This bundle includes an All-Weather Cover, Pizza Peel, Pizza Turner, Pizza Cutter, Oven Brush, Dough Scraper, Prod & Blow, Infrared Gun, Deluxe Oven Stand, Oven Door, Black Iron Dish, Leather Glove, Wood-Fired Feast Book, & 12 Organic Wholegrain Dough Balls. 

Add on your DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven in the options above or visit our DeliVita Collection to see our range of DeliVita Ovens. 


Please look at the DeliVita Wood-Fired Instruction Manual pdf. before you start cooking with your DeliVita oven, to therefore make sure you cure your oven & assemble it correctly. (Please note: We highly recommend you read this document and please be aware to not host any pizza parties before curing your oven.) 

Click Here for the DeliVita Recipe Book pdf. to discover the amazing meals you can also create with our DeliVita ovens. 

Style #: DeliVita Pizza Bundles Pizzaiolo Collection The Wood-Fired Collection The Complete Collection 

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Portfolio

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