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Cubic Outdoor Living C1 Wooden Side Table

Cubic Outdoor Living C1 Wooden Side Table

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The Cubic Side Table Cabinet is perfect for adding more design elements into your outdoor space. Therefore, making the perfect space to keep all your lovely outdoor dining pieces, plates, bowls, linen, cutlery. Why not create the best outdoor bar in town, meaning easy setup and easy to clean whenever a party vibe might occur. Due to it's unique design the Cubic Side Table, it is perfect for keeping your items safe and dry.  The wooden cladding is integrated vertically to look sleek. 

Typically this design comes in 3 sizes:

Small - Length 1200mm with 2 cupboards

Medium - Length 1800mm with 3 cupboards

Large - Length 2400mm with 4 cupboards

Drawers can also be designed into these lovely outdoor cabinets, internal fittings like cutlery dividers and shelves that can be adapted according to your individual needs.

Have all you need in your outdoor space ready for entertaining friends and family. The Cubic Side Table is completely bespoke so it can be tailored to accompany the rest of your outdoor space and is designed to live outdoors 365 days.

Style #: Cubic Outdoor Living C1 Bespoke Custom Outdoor Side Tables 

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Portfolio. 

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