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Cosiscoop Fire Pillar Large

Cosiscoop Fire Pillar Large

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These beautiful large fire pillars will make a statement to your outdoor area. Perfect for patios, under your canopies, entrances, and cosy corners. Available in two different designs: stylish black or sturdy teak wood. Cosiscoop Fire Pillars are stand-alone pieces therefore, should be in secure and safe areas of your garden.

In contrast to the other small gas lanterns, these large fire pillars run on gas bottles 5kg and 10kg instead of the small gas cartridges, to cater to the size. Meaning your pillar will last longer: 5kg will burn for approximately 70 hours.

Easy to operate, simply light with a long lighter to start the ambient flames. To switch off, use the control knob.

Size: Diameter 360mm x Height 1060mm.

Fuel: Patio Gas.

Heat Output: Low. Heat capacity: 0.85 KW.

Material: Metal with Glass Surround.

Included: 30 mBar Regulator with gas hose, Glass and Pebbles. (Gas bottle not included.)

FREE DELIVERY- Free Kerbside Delivery with orders over £250.00

Style #: Pacific Lifestyle CosiScoop Pillar Large Gas Fire Lantern 

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Portfolio. 

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