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Cane-Line Glaze Side Tables

Cane-Line Glaze Side Tables

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The Cane-Line Glaze Side Tables are a perfect space to have coffee or relax after a long day. Made from artistic Italian lava stones and handmade with double glazing by skilled craftsmen. Meaning that every table made, is unique to the owner. The aluminium base has a steel core to enhance the stability.

The Cane-Line Glaze Side Tables are the perfect addition to your outdoor space, whether that is a lounge area or a small reading spot. With vibrant colours and made from natural elements, the small imperfections are celebrated and adored. 

Sizes: Small Side Table Dimensions: Base Height 45cm x Weight 8.3kg. Tabletop Height 1.2cm x Table Top Diameter 45cm x Weight 8.7kg. 

Large Side Table Dimensions: Base Height 39cm x Weight 4.5kg. Tabletop Height 1.2cm x Tabletop Diameter 70cm x Weight 22.5kg. 

Style #: Cane-Line GLAZE Outdoor Side Tables Coffee Table

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