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Bromic Wireless On/Off Remote Controller

Bromic Wireless On/Off Remote Controller

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The Bromic Wireless On/Off Controller is an independent wireless controller that allows you to turn your Bromic heaters ON and OFF with ease. This controller allows you to control up to two heaters with four wireless channels. The Wireless On/Off Controller provides a wireless signal from up to 30m away and from two separate circuits. Therefore, creating an outdoor space that is functional and helping you to live outdoors for longer. 

The Bromic Controllers are designed to be easy to install, compact and provide plenty of range for wireless signal. Providing you with total control of your heater.

The Bromic Wireless On/Off Controller can be mounted onto the wall or can be kept separately. For mounted options, double-sided adhesive or screws can be included. 

Style #: Bromic Wireless On/Of Remote Controller for Outdoor Heater

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