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Bromic Tungsten Electric Smart™ Heater

Bromic Tungsten Electric Smart™ Heater

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Expand your time outside with our Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric heaters. Combining style and design with market-leading radiant heat technology, to help you to live outdoors for longer. Each heater will provide an even flow of warmth to outdoor spaces up to 15sqm per heater, therefore you can relax in comfort. The heater's high temperature coating and stainless steel construction means, it suitable for all outdoor garden spaces.

Two options to choose from 2000W - 4000W and 3000W - 6000W

Choose from wall mounted or pole mounted.

Suitable for our range of outdoor canopies, if fitted at the time of installation by our own experienced team.

Sizes: - 2 different options to choose from

2000W - 4000W - Length 1117mm x Height 214mm offering up to 6sqm-9sqm of heat bloom.

4000W - 6000W - Length 1410mm x Height 214mm offering up 12-15sqm of heat bloom.

When purchasing the Bromic Heaters, please remember to purchase one of the ON/OFF Controllers or Dimmer Controllers to be able to control temperatures on your heater.

Clearances: Please see the tab above CLEARANCES for this information.

Installation: This will be carried out by our own team of experts for any heaters specified into our range of outdoor canopies. For other designs, you should seek the assistance of a licensed and authorised electrician.

Style#: Bromic Tungsten Electric Smart Outdoor Heaters

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