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Blastcool XP2 Outdoor Fridge

Blastcool XP2 Outdoor Fridge

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The Blstcool XP2 is a great way to allow your drinks to stay cool in your outdoor kitchen. If you tend to have a larger family or guests around, then this fridge is one for you. Furthermore, you can integrate the double outdoor Blastcool XP2 fridge into your outdoor kitchen. Available in either Glass Door or Solid Door option.

The Blastcool XP2 is independently certified, and also, safety approved for outdoor use by leading test house SGS. The Marine stainless steel protects the outside of the fridge and also, powerful refrigeration provides a fast cooling for your drinks. This fridge can do all this in heat up to 43°C. 

All Blastcool models are protected against rainwater ingress and also, are independently certified to IP24 {splashing water and driven rain}. For harsh winter conditions it's good to know they are frost protected down to -25°C therefore, they can be left in position all the year around.

A solid door is optional with Blastcool fridges regarding those who are conscious of their fridge facing sunlight. Therefore, the door option, allows extra protection against the sun. The interior lamp is LED white or blue and can be controlled using a switch on the appliance control panel. The Blastcool XP2 provides technologies to minimise the energy used and therefore minimise its carbon footprint. 

Please speak to a member of our Design Team to learn more about our Blastcool Fridges or to get one in your outdoor space. 

Sizes: Height 870mm x Width 900mm x Depth 575mm. 

Style #: Blastcool XP2, Outdoor Fridge with 2 doors

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Portfolio. 

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