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Vlaze ADAPT 240 Proline Gas BBQ & Sink

Vlaze ADAPT 240 Proline Gas BBQ & Sink

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Integrate our Beefeater Proline 4 burner Gas BBQ into the ADAPT 240 and you have an instant and very cool outdoor kitchen. Now includes with a sink & tap! 

Lots of storage underneath and we simply adapt one of the cupboards to a well vented and lined area to store your gas bottle within the unit. No ugly gas bottles to think about. Use your sink for easy access to wash your hands with or quickly wash your fresh veg, ready for cooking.

Choose from legs or lockable caster wheels, making the kitchen unit completely moveable to other areas of your patio or deck.

Please note that you will need to have a gas bottle ready for our skilled installation team to connect and test.

Size: Length 2400mm x Width 700mm x Height 896mm

Weight: 200kg when fully assembled

Style#: VLAZE ADAPT 240 with Gas BBQ and Sink Outdoor Kitchen Unit 

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