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Vlaze ADAPT Package-Ultimate

Vlaze ADAPT Package-Ultimate

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Looking for outdoor kitchen ideas? This is a great place to start! We've got different Vlaze outdoor kitchen combinations for you to choose from, therefore, making the process of deciding on what you need even easier. This is also really helpful when planning a budget for your new kitchen.

Please don't worry if this is not quite right. We have our design team on hand to discuss your individual needs and create your own Vlaze kitchen that is just right for you and your garden.

The Ulitmate has everything you need to help you live outdoors. All the units therefore provide you with all your essentials to making amazing meals and entertaining guests. 

Vlaze ADAPT PACKAGE 3 - ULTIMATE £32,166.00

Kitchen includes units and appliances:

  • 240 Kitchen Grill with Beefeater Proline Gas BBQ with Roasting Hood.
  • Caple Sink and Tap.
  • ADAPT Fridge with Blastcool XP1 outdoor fridge.
  • ADAPT Island on casters.
  • ADAPT Corner unit.
  • ADAPT 120 Unit with Big Green Charcoal BBQ EGG.

Style#: VLAZE ADAPT Outdoor Kitchen Unit Layout Package Ultimate

Inspiration: Click here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Portfolio.

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