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Fògher Agher Table and Chairs

Fògher Agher Table and Chairs

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In designing the ideal outdoor environment, the Agher table stands out for its functionality and refined design. Thanks to patented Phobos® technology, the table offers exceptional stability. Its injected structure combines solidity and lightness, making it a key element for any outdoor space. Available in 4 kitchen-compatible colors


Agher chairs, created by the Italian company PointHouse, stand out for their innovative material: polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass. This makes them particularly strong and durable, also thanks to the cathodic electrophoresis treatment that protects them from atmospheric agents. Each chair is a blend of comfort and resilience, ideal for enhancing the outdoor experience. Available in sets of 2, to match the kitchen.

Style#: Fògher Agher Table and PointHouse Chairs

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