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Bromic Eclipse Free Standing Electric Smart™ Outside Heater

Bromic Eclipse Free Standing Electric Smart™ Outside Heater

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Add an extra sense of elegance with the freestanding Electric outdoor heater & light. Featured in matt black, double coated steel, providing a sleek style. This portable electric outdoor heater incorporates ground-breaking heat transfer technology, resulting in a high efficiency heater with the design addition of a dimmable LED warm light.

Controlled by our Eclipse Dimmer Controller and wireless remote, allowing you to control your heat output and gradually dim lights. This ensures you have just the right comfort level all year round.

Sizing: Allow 700mm for the base plate & heater/lamp and around 2200mm for the heater overhang. Total height is 2500mm if you need to clear a ceiling. 

Heat Area: 3000w Series heating close to 11sqm. The heat area dependent on ambient temperature and wind. Optimum conditions experienced at approx 15.5degreesC and in a low wind covered environment.

Control: Dimmer Controller included

Installation: Will be carrying out by our own specialist team. We will require electrical connection points to be ready beforehand. Full specification will be sent in advance.

Style #: Bromic Eclipse Free Standing Electric Smart Outdoor Heater

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