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Whilst more traditional methods, like block paving, tarmac and concrete still have their place, these traditional methods can look a little dated. Resin surfaces offer a sophisticated style and timeless appearance with your resin driveway, adding kerb appeal to your property. All whilst allowing 100% of all the surface water to seep through, eliminating the risk to flooding. 


As part of the overall design, we will also discuss what edging would look best. We offer a range of block edges in many colours to compliment your resin colour. They act as a retainer for the resin and provide a linear definition to the design. They can also define any planting beds that we may incorporate into the design.

Resin Edging for pathways driveways and patios Permetech by Garden House Design     Resin Driveways Permetech by Garden House Design     

Resin Bound Manhole Covers

If manhole covers are required, we can design this into the projects, to provide a seamless surface. Your existing manholes would be replaced with new trays, where we lay 1 square meter of resin, to bond the manhole cover in place, during install. 

Visit our Front Garden Portfolio for inspiration.

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