Autumn Outdoor Styling

Bring the cosy Autumn style into your outdoor space. 

Whilst it is hard to say goodbye to the spell of good whether after living outdoors with ease, it's time to embrace the next season. Autumn is a glorious season, offering us plenty of opportunity to still live outdoors and enjoy our gardens. 

Steal our tips to style up your space. 

Plant up some succulents in small planters to add greenery to your outdoor shelves and tables. You could use candle or tea light holders, jam jars or tins too, which is great way to upcycle used items. if you can't put drainage holes in the bottom of the planter, we recommend putting stones or broken china into the planter to retain some moisture. 

Adding small plants into your space, provides you with the satisfaction of growing throughout the year, while creating texture in your styling areas. 

Top Tip: Try putting your succulents in a glass dome or terrarium. 

When styling your cushions (if you have a canopy, you can leave them out), try adding faux fur textures, like throws and rugs as well as cosy cushions. Places like IKEA and other home stores are great for finding these. 

Creating a cosy layer, therefore invites you to linger a little longer in your outdoor space, enhancing your enjoyment of that morning coffee or drinks after a meal. You can easily wash or dry out your throws and cushions if they are a little damp or cold. 

Top Tip: Scatter cushions are a great way to style up your outdoor space. You can change over the cushion covers from light, summery textures, to deep velvets or faux fur. This will enhance your autumnal style and see a new side of your outdoor space. As well as extending their use for a little longer into the year. 









Now, using candles throughout the summer, burning floral and sweet scents, is fantastic. However, you can treat yourself to rich scents of pine forests, cosy campsites, or even pumpkin spices to elevate your garden. You have our permission to buy more candles! 

Place candles in outdoor lanterns, wooden boards, jars or simply at different levels throughout the space. Use the floor, right up to higher shelves to provide a depth of light. Try to aim for a simple and minimalistic look. 

Top Tip: If you love more intensity scents, you can use incense or diffusers that can be dotted around in your space. Also, why not use fabric sprays on your throws and cushions to enhance the autumnal smells further. 

Autumnal_stling_by_garden_house_design - Garden House Design 


You can swap your dining table and chairs in your favourite area, such as under a canopy or a corner of the garden, for your outdoor sofas & comfy lounge chairs. Mixing up your furniture   arrangements around your patio areas, is a real game changer. It is one of my top tips when it comes to designing gardens. I always look for furniture that my clients can easily lift and move, (or persuade your friends with a beer to help you), to change the locations where their sets might go. 

Making small changes to your outdoor space can elevate your style to the max with these tips and tricks. Even changing your colour schemes to rust, greens and chocolates can even create an autumnal presence. Small changes can have a huge impact and therefore, allow you to live outdoors for longer. 

Visit our outdoor styling section in our shop to discover more inspiration on products that you could style your outdoor space with. Click here to be inspired. 

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Author: Debs Winrow

Published: 03/10/23

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