Trends 2024

2024 will continue to see the trend of extending our client’s indoor style seamlessly outdoors. Consideration will be made to enclose an area so that the outdoors can be enjoyed throughout the year, regardless of the weather. This might be a covered porch-style canopy off the main house or a freestanding canopy within the garden- both can be designed with sliding or bi-folding doors, fixed wooden or aluminium walls, and automatic blinds. They are not trying to replace an outdoor garden building or conservatory, but simply providing the flexibility and functionality of the canopy through the seasons.

Fógher Agher Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens will become more luxurious and have more features, with the design ensuring enough counter space for preparing and serving. Additional appliances may include wine coolers, dishwashers, and custom pizza ovens. A lovely addition would be an island-style bar/sit-up table which allows guests to be involved whilst the host is cooking. This design combination can also leave more room for soft lounge sofa sets under cover rather than traditionally styling with just a dining table.

Choices of cooking solutions will also be exciting to design with; different sizes of BBQs, integrated teppanyaki plates, gas hobs, induction plates and custom gas or wood clay ovens. This investment from the manufacturers means all levels of cooking can be achieved outside which is super inclusive. You no longer need to be a mini-MasterChef to cook delicious suppers outdoors!

Cubic Outdoor Kitchen

The right choice of outdoor furniture will be important to determine early in the season with comfort and functionality playing a big part thanks to durable performance fabrics. Think modular sofas and chairs to make different sitting arrangements, expandable dining tables, storage and bench combos, and outdoor cupboards for storage all contributing to a casual, well-thought-out, sociable space for all to enjoy.

Substantial décor will continue into the season with organic textures from rattan, jute, stone, and terracotta. These add warmth and character to the space and can be added to the space with smaller items such as outdoor rugs, baskets, trays, and planters. Reclaimed art pieces and recycled garden furniture also mix well with the newer pieces which can be bought from antique shops or picked up from holidays aboard {just watch your luggage allowance!}.

Keep the party going with lots of different lighting. From integrated lighting within canopies and kitchens to LED chargeable lamps. Finish the space with lanterns at lower coffee table height and luscious candles, that not only glow but also make the space smell delicious.

Cubic Outdoor lounge set

Size is not going to be the stumbling block this year as small outdoor spaces are just as valuable as more traditional garden plots. Vertical planting, smaller multi-functional furniture, BBQ outdoor kitchens on wheelable trolleys, and clever use of planters will allow smaller spaces to be loved and enjoyed to their fullest.

Make 2024 the year of outdoor living! 

Renson Camargue

Author: Debs Winrow- Creative Director at Garden House Design

Published: 11th Jan 2024

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