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Why use a Designer?

As well as working closley with you to get your perfect garden, we do so much more! There is a lot going on behind the scenes at Garden House Design, so let's talk about what our Garden Designers do. 

We are spatical designers, therefore, we have to understand space in 3D, anything from shape and scale- We know!

Designers are great problem solvers. We love to create ideas and solutions that solve all your garden problems you may have. We also make sure that these solutions fit in with your breif. 

We communicate visually, meaning we have the ability ti explain complex ideas with visuals and drawings. This also, consists of communicating with you and landscapers through constructive drawings. 

Hard landscape designers have a lot of kwoledge on materials as well as the plants! They understand that construction is the back bone to the perfect outdoor space. Therefore, hard landscapers understand structure in 2D and 3D, as well as drainage, earthwork, excavations, foundations and surface finishes. 

A planting designer has excellent horticulture knowledge and makes sure they understand the plant's needs. So they can pass on their expertise to others and assure you how to keep your garden blooming. 

Finally, Designers have fantastic managing skills. They manage from start to finish, from concept to the finished garden. Designers are amazing with helping you live outdoors, and here at Garden House Design- It is out mission!

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