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Our Vlaze ADAPT120 modules are from the collection of vitreous enamel outdoor freestanding kitchens available in 3 sizes. With 8 rich, unique vitreous enamel finishes to choose from, you can make your outdoor space pop with colour.

Handbuilt in the Isle of Wight, ADAPT units are designed to be modular, to sit on their own, or side by side with other units. Choose to have on legs or castors so you can move the unit around. They also look fabulous indoors so don't be afraid to use within your interior updates.

For a kitchen module of this size, the ADAPT120 is perfect for a portable bar, a prep area for food, pool side storage or even accompanying your BBQ grill to make a kitchen run.

We can also create bespoke options to fit a Beefeater Proline Gas BBQ Grill, or a large Big Green Egg. {NB: appliances will be supplied seperately and are not included in prices below}

If you are looking for something bigger or would like to pair this module with something larger look to add another Vlaze Adapt 120, or the larger Vlaze Adapt 240 or Adapt Island

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 Vlaze ADAPT 120 Unit with Legs - £2496.00
 Vlaze ADAPT 120 Unit with Castors - £2496.00
 Vlaze KOMADO 120 to fit Large Green Egg - £2595.00
 Vlaze GRILL 120 to fit Proline Gas BBQ - £2595.00
Select Colour required:
 Iced Coffee
Product Code: Adapt120
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