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Veito BLADE 2000 heater is our new, beautifully designed, wall and ceiling mounted heater. It comes with fixing brackets and has a truly modern look. The BLADE 2000 is available in Silver or Black.

With the periscopic remote control, it can be controlled from a long distance and wide course. Automatic temperature control regulates power consumption based on your set temperature and eliminates annoying hot and cold cycles.

Heating capacity can be set to 4 different levels 800W-1200W-1600W-2000W. If the heater exceeds temperature requirements, it will automatically switch itself off. When the timer is set, the heater will automatically shut down at the end of the determined time.

The protection grill is made from life time guarantee 304 stainless steel. Each and every part of the heater has been carefully designed to provide strong and long life performance. This heater has IP55 certification which means you can place this heater inside as well as outside and it will withstand any harsh conditions including rain, snow and wind etc.

With the remote control of the BLADE heater all existing functions and settings can be controlled. The functions are the regulation of the heating levels, activating and setting of the timer function and the activiation and setting of the automatic temperature control. All BLADE heaters and their remote controls have the same frequency, so it is possible to control several BLADE heaters with a single control unit.

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 BLADE 2000 - £250.00
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