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IN STOCK! and we think just the very best kind of present anyone could receive! {or treat yourself - promise we won't tell!}

Uuni 3S gets up to 500°C which enables you to cook things really fast. You can make a wood-fired pizza in just 60 seconds! but it's not just about delicious pizzas! you can cook flatbreads, salmon, vegetables, steaks or really anything that enjoys short cooking times.

Powered by passion for living outdoors and Wood-pallets

Uuni 3S is powered by wood pellets {and a wee bit of work from the chef} which are very energy-dense, cheap and efficient; they're like regular wood except compressed. No additives, no hidden extras. Just wood. The pellets ignite easily & Uuni 3S takes just 10 minutes to heat up, from cold to 500°C. No need to split wood or play with an axe. Pellets are also a sustainable source of energy. Wood pellets are really easy to buy, simply see our on-line store so we promise you won't have any trouble finding them on-line.

More than a weekend gimmick!

Our Uuni 3S is made of beautiful brushed stainless steel. It weathers and ages as you use it, keeps on performing. It'll make for a key feature in your outdoor kitchen or barbecue area, and you can use your Uuni 3 Cover/Bag to keep your Uuni 3 looking pristine.

What's in the Box

1 x Fabulous Uuni 3S oven with really easy install instructions

1 x Wood Pellet Burner

1 x Cordierite Stone Baking Board

1 x Uuni Metal Pizza Peel

1 x Manual & Safety Instructions

or choose our Bundle Pack which includes 10kg of wood pallets - simply pick this option below

all delivered to your door with complimentary delivery.

Select option required:
 Uuni 3 Oven Pack - £199.00
 Uuni 3 Oven & Wood Pallet Bundle - £215.00
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