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This model occurs on many terraces, but we think it is perfect for dining chairs or lounge chairs. It is recogisable by the square corners and it's comfy seats. Nimma consists of a sitting and back surface so you can lean back and warm you inside and out. The battery is located on the back of the cushion and is removable making it easy to charge and assemble.

This cushion is available in a luxurious and basic version.

It would be perfect for evening meals or gatherings to keep you cosy and warm. It could also be used to take the chill off when you have your morning coffee, on a sunny morning in the garden!

Select option required:
 Nimma Singular Cushion - £175.00
 Nimma set of 2 cushions - £325.00
 Nimma set of 4 cushions - £600.00
Select Colour required:
 Light Grey
 Dark Grey
Product Code: NIMMA1
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