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Sail Shade Structures

{shade yourself or your property in style}

Unlike a lot of similar products, our waterproof shelter solutions are cosmetically and structurally appealing to the eye. As they are available in a variety of colours, it is also possible to create a smoking shelter that matches your corporate colours.

All of our shelters are compliant to the UK smoking ban regulations, which states that at least 50% of the smoking shelter area must be open to allow the free flow of air should this be a requirement of use for your shelter.

The waterproof sail shade used within our bespoke shelter solutions are made using the highest quality commercial PVC from our suppliers.  They can be made to a bespoke size and in a whole range of colours suitable for your individual requirements, allowing you to match your corporate branding for example.

It is worth noting that the sails are made to the actual sizes described so you should allow for some tolerance to stretch when fitting. If you are not using our professional installation service, then we suggest posts are installed after the sail has arrived.

Check out the product here or contact us for bespoke sizes.

Please get in touch for more information, either by phone 01903 774 774 or email us at

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