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RENSON User Manual for Louvered Canopies

Useful Information for operating your RENSON Louvered Canopy



  • Withstands normal ambient temperatures (up to -30°C).

Vertical Screens

  • Withstands normal ambient temperatures (-18°C to +60°, taking into account the motor’s thermal protection).
  • Do NOT operate sun protection screen in frosty conditions.


  • Resistant to 100% moisture


  • The product is waterproof in case of a light rain shower. Water can enter during a heavy rain shower.
  • Dew can arise at the underside of the blades.
  • It is normal that a few drops appear between the blades or at the gutter.
  • We strongly recommend the use of a rain sensor.



  • Wind resistance up to 120kph with blades in closed position.
  • The blades can be operated in winds up to 50kph.
  • Must be closed with wind speeds over 50kph.

Vertical Screens

  • The sun protection screen may be opened downward in an environment with little wind (max.15kph). The sun protection screen may only be operated upward in winds up to 50kph.
  • Must be rolled up with wind screens of over 60kph.


  • There should be no obstacles that prevent the rotation of the blades or the screen being rolled up and down, e.g. branches, cables, etc.


  •  In case of heavy snowfall, the roof needs to be opened.


Never let children play near moving blades/screens


Useful Information for caring for your RENSON Louvered Canopy

Your louvered canopy does not need much maintenance, but for years of enjoyment we suggest the following regular maintenance.

Suggested Maintenance Programme 

  • If your fix screen blind fabric becomes very wet in a sudden storm, you can still roll it up and unroll it later to dry when the weather is better. However, avoid having the wet fabric rolled up for more than three days to prevent formation of mould and spots.
  • Before cleaning, remove any loose dirt with a brush or vacuum cleaner. You can then use a cleaning product (avoid caustic products) and warm water to remove the remaining dirt. Always rinse the fabric after cleaning.
  • Avoid cleaning in full sunlight: if soapy water dries quickly, it can leave spots on the fabric.
  • Do not use aggressive abrasives.
  • Crystal screen may only be cleaned with clean lukewarm water (+30°C). Milk strains or blue lines can appear on crystal windows due to dew or moisture. These are inherent to the product and disappear when the screen is dry.
  • If anodised or enamelled profiles {legs and structure} become dirty, then they can be cleaned with warm water and a gentle-acting cleaning product. Never use aggressive products, abrasive sponges or other abrasive media. We also advise against using high-pressure equipment.
  • Swivelling or rotating parts should be lubricated annually. (Slicon spray).
  • After cleaning (remove twigs and leaves) plastic sliding sleeves can be lubricated with a dry lubricant.
  • Frequently check your product for twigs, leaves, bird nests etc, and remove them.

The above details are provided as a summary to accompany the full Guarantee Certificate which will have been posted to you after your installation. We recommend that you take the time to familiarise yourselves with these details. 


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