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To keep your Renson Patio Cover looking great for longer, use Renson Clean & Protect Kit. Renson Patio Covers are designed for the outdoors, but are also consistently exposed to the elements. We recommend that your Patio Cover is maintained once or twice a year; if you're in coastal or forested regions, it must be maintained at least twice a year.

To ensure that the structure's rich colours stays looking new, this maintanence kit will clean as well as protect it from sea air, acid rain and UV rays. The 'Clean' bottle contains a concentrated solution which is most suitable for deep cleaning and degreasing. Its properties does not compare to regular cleaning products. This cleaning solution can also be used for fibreglass fabric screens as well as polyester fabric roofs.

Once the structure is clean, the Renson 'Protect' will be used to protect the Patio Cover. It coats it with a protective layer, making it easy for the surface to be cleaned whilst sheilding the alimunium powder coating from the outside elements.

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