About us

Here at Garden House Design we have been designing and building beautiful outdoor spaces for over 20 years.

We love what we do! Why? Because we love to Live Outdoors and we enjoy working with our clients to release the potential within their outdoor space, whether that be a simple courtyard or acres of space, so, however you like to enjoy the outdoors, we’re sure we will too!

Escape. Relax. Entertain.

Let us create an outdoor space that you can escape to after a long day, that you can relax in with family and you can entertain in with friends. We want your outdoor space to have perennial appeal, drawing you outside throughout the year and becoming an extension of your living areas inside, all whilst adding value to your home.

Passionate about good service

Hopefully, by now, you can tell we’re passionate about what we do and we want to ensure you’re left with an outdoor space that you’re thrilled with. That’s why we belong to trade associations with stringent criteria who monitor our work to ensure you’re getting the best possible service. Find out more about the trade associations we belong to here. We also employ our staff and are always on site if we bring in subcontracters for any part of your project where we might need specialist support. Luckily our team are a very skilled and experienced bunch and over the years they’ve built some award-winning gardens – take a peek here. Ultimately, as tradesmen go they are a friendly and approachable group, who are respectful of the fact that they’re working in your home. Want to meet them? Then click here to learn more about them.

Hand-picked style

When we’re not building gardens, we’re busy sourcing the very best garden accessories to complement our client’s new outdoor spaces. So, whether you just want to revamp your garden with some new planters or you’re looking for a complete style makeover we can help. Why not take a look at our hand-picked collections here.

Let’s meet!

So now we’ve made our introductions, let’s meet! We’d love to hear about your dream garden…it may be closer than you think! So, get in touch, call us on 01903 774774 or email info@gardenhousedesign.co.uk and let’s make a date to start making your dreams a reality. 

Still need inspiration? Head on over to our Pinterest page and get pinning! Not quite ready to take the plunge? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on what our teams are busy creating.

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