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Ex Display Corten Steel Gas Firepit

Ex Display Corten Steel Gas Firepit

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The Corten Steel Firepit is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in your outdoor space and also providing a rustic style too. It is easy to light because of the electric ignition dial. Enjoy summer evenings while watching the atmospheric and clean flames dance. The side compartment allows room for the gas bottle, therefore your firepit is neat and tidy with no regulators and also, gas bottles on show. The Corten Steel has rusted naturally overtime to provide this gorgeous orange, rustic design. Corten Steel is very durable and robust, therefore the firepit is designed to withstand outdoor life. 


  • Good Condition.
  • Slight wear and tear of the metal plate from natural elements.

Availablility: Two weeks from order depending on location. 

Care & Maintenance: Click Here to discover any care & maintenance required. 

Gas bottle is not included in this price. 

Sizes: Width 800mm x Length 800mm x Height 500mm. 

Style #: SALE Corten Steel Gas Firepit 

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