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Renson Camargue Standard Size Canopy 1 Blind & 2 Lights

Renson Camargue Standard Size Canopy 1 Blind & 2 Lights

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The Renson Camargue Standard Size Canopies are designed to give you a complete canopy with our most popular accessories already included. This all includes your Camargue Canopy in a Standard Size, with 1 blind & 2 LED lights. A great outdoor solution for you to live outdoors for longer. 

We are offering this exciting offer with signification discounts!

Price includes:

  • FREE 'Somfy' 5 Remote Controller for blinds, LED lights & to open and close the roof. 
  • 2 LED Roof blade lights and 1 Fixscreen Blind.
  • Renson Camargue Electronic Louvered Roof Canopy.
  • Technical Drawings, specification for electrics and footing foundations.

Not included:

  • Delivery & Installation for each project/property is different- See tab above.
  • Rain sensor, used to automatically close the roof when rain is detected. This can be added to your quote, when discussed with the team.

Style#: Renson Camargue Standard Size Louvered Roof Canopy with 1 Blind & 2 LED Lights.

Inspiration: Click Here to see our Portfolio for design examples. 


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