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Minimalist terrace covering with water and sun protection Fixscreen screen roof

  • Sleek and minimalist
  • Windproof, waterproof, sun protection screen roof that rests elegantly on discreet aluminium columns.
  • When roof is open it allows you to enjoy the sun on your patio or in your garden without having to move the structure.
  • When roof is closed, the Lapure® provides protection from the sun, wind and rain.
  • Fits to existing wall
  • Integrated drainage with two models to choose from: "end columns" with water drainage {via side channels and columns} or you can opt for
  • "shifted columns" {with roof over-hang and water drainage via gutters, even when half open} The roof has an overhand that juts out past the columns as to provide the optimum amount of shade.This lets you enjoy enough shade, even when the sun is low in the sky for instance.
  • As a result you also get enough shade when the sun is low (eg: if fitted to a west-facing wall).
  • When open, there is no visually disturbing lateral connection with the result that a fantastic 'infinity view' is created
  • Lengths/widths across the building up to 6m, with projections/depths of up to 4m. Please note that for lengths over 4m it will be necessary to have a cross beam as part of the design.
  • Large dimensions possible when Lapure® units are "coupled" together. 2-3 roofs can be installed perfectly next to one another so that they span across larger areas. Three parts up to max. 18m
  • Different end columns to design with: square, ball or diamond
  • Ideal product choose for commerical applications as well.


  • Aluminium Structure can be made in all RAL colours, powder-coated and texture coating
  • Roof finishing: SoltisW96: waterproof, translucent sun-protective fabric: available in 5 colours


  • Electronic opening and closing with remote control unit

Additional Features:

  • Surface mounted screens to the sides and front
  • Triangle canvas infills to match screens
  • Loggiascreen Canvas sliding doors
  • Extra and displaced columns
  • LED Lapure lights

*price which includes VAT displayed is an indication based on a Lapure 4m wide x 3m deep, excluding delivery and installation

from £8,500*
Product Code: Lapure® Patio Cover
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