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Hot Tubs in Garden Designs

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Here at Garden House Design we pride ourselves on chosing the very best partnerships, and our relationship with Hydropool UK is testament to this, with both our companies working to extremely high standards and wanting the very best for our customers. We have worked on a number of gardens together where a hot tub or swim spa is incorportated into the garden design. For inspiration, simply click through to our portfolio gallery Hot Tubs in Gardens.

The Worlds Only Self Cleaning Hot Tubs and Endless Swim Spas

Hydropool UK are the longest established, dedicated Hot Tub Company in the United Kingdom with a reputation for building the best self-cleaning hot tubs in the world. As a result, they have built a reputation for excellence in customer care and after sales service using their own employed technicians and installation crews and standing behind our warranties  for over 16 years, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.

In addition to providing luxurious hot tubs, Hydropool Hot Tubs have long supplied the very best Swim Spas in the Hot Tubs industry, ideal for swim training and other water exercise. Their hot tubs offer a feeling like no other and you can tailor your purchase experience to your exact needs.

To view the full range simply visit the Hydropool website or check out our range of Hot Tubs & Saunas.

Remember to then contact us at Garden House Design to discuss styling your new Hot Tub or Swim Spa into your garden design to ensure we help create a real impact!

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