Grillo Outdoor Kitchens  

Introducing the Vantage outdoor kitchen by Grillo, as seen on our stand this year RHS Hampton Court. A blend of iroko hardwood with beautifully finished carbon steel makes this design-led kitchen perfect for all kinds of garden styles.  Beautiful, clean and simple, this collection allows us to design your outdoor kitchen to live outdoors for longer!

Whether you want an intimate simple run of 1 or 2 units, or a large U shape kitchen for the ultimate outdoor party space, our team will design your kitchen to be practical, have plenty of storage, and include working surfaces. To make it really simply, we have some layout ideas to get you started. And what’s even better is you get our full design and install team overseeing your kitchen through the whole process, offering design ideas and suggestions. Take a look here at some recent projects we've undertaken CLICK HERE

Add matching bars & stools, planters, different cooking options: gas, charcoal or wood, and don't forget we can also add fabulous feature walls behind the cabinets in carbon, millboard or porcelain so you are completely set up and ready to go. We confident that there is nothing quite like it in the marketplace.

We can also offer other styling products to really bring your kitchen to life! Cheeky gin bar anyone!? Next step? call us for a free 30min consultation and we'll get designing!


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