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Garden Design

{let us turn your dream garden into a reality}

We love to talk gardens! So, to our team there’s nothing better than meeting clients to discuss making the most of their outside space. Our passion is to help people live outdoors, no matter the budget or size of the outside space. From a cosy cushion placed on a back step to a fully designed and landscaped garden, we’re here to help.  We always do our best to tailor our services to the scope of the project and the budget our clients have in mind to create their ideal garden. The design process can take various forms as follows:

Design Consultation - Free written quotation

A design consultation is the starting point for all our design projects. Here, we get to discuss ideas with our clients, hopefully see the area we will be working with and discuss what you’d like to achieve with the space.  

Not all designs need to start from a completely blank canvas of course and your design consultant can consider elements you may already have (i.e. a favourite tree or a washing line) and build around them where possible/required.

Once your design consultant has a good idea of what you’d like to achieve, they will provide you with a detailed written plan of the works required, in the form of a quotation, with no obligation to proceed and at no cost to you.

During this initial consultation, we will discuss whether it would be beneficial to consider a drawn design to help you visualise exactly what your garden could look like. If it’s agreed it would be best to go ahead with a formal garden design, prices for this service start from £450.00.

Garden Design - From £450.00

Should you decide you would like a drawn design, our award-winning in-house designer Daniela Krasnanova, will use her design skills and expertise to offer you a full design suite of services, which can include Mood Boards, Full Planting Plans, 3D CAD Drawings and Construction Drawings, dependent upon your requirements and the complexity of the project.

Our design fees start from £450.00, and we ask for 50% deposit when you commission us for the design and 50% once we deliver your design back to you.

As with the Design Consultation service, along with the drawn design/s, you will also receive a written quotation for these works to be carried out. Of course, there is no obligation to proceed and once you have paid your final invoice for the design fees the garden design belongs to you.

Should you choose to commission Garden House Design to carry out the works we will take 50% of the design fee off the price of the works.

Garden Restyle Services

Not quite in need of a design but just want to fall in love with your garden again, why not let us help you with a simple refresh. This can be anything from a new planting plan for tired borders or help with sourcing the most on trend garden furniture and planters. Moved to a new home and inherited a garden you’re not sure how to care for? Let us come and talk you through all the existing plants and shrubs your garden has and show you the best way to help them thrive. Or if you simply want to extend your time outdoors, why not add outdoor lighting features with our assistance.

We tend to offer the re-style service on an hourly basis and agree upfront how many hours you would like to buy. Prices start from £40 per hour. 

Ultimately, whatever your requirements our service is flexible enough to suit you and your budget and our teams are skilled enough to deliver it. So, call us today on 01903 774774 to make an appointment, or email




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