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The classic understated elegance of this design speaks for itself. The streamlined shape makes it a great backdrop for all kinds of foliage and floral colour, simulatenously echoing the clean lines of modern architechture and planting.

The Geo Tapered Planter is made from lightweight fibreglass. Prices below are for Aluminium or Faux Lead finishes. Should you wish in another colour simply call us for prices.


Small GEO6 35cm (top) x 22cm (base) x 28cm (high)

Small GEO14 35cm (top) x 22cm (base) x 40cm (high)

Med GEO2 42cm (top) x 26cm (base) x 55cm (high)

Med GEO16 28cm (top) x 17cm (base) x 80cm (high)

Lge GEO17 33cm (top) x 22cm (base) 100cm (high)

Lge GEO12 70cm (top) x 56cm (base) 75cm (high)

Lge GEO1 50cm (top) x 32cm (base) x 100cm (high)

Lge GEO18 40cm (top) x 30cm (base) x 120cm (high)

XL GEO11 60cm (top) x 40cm (base) x 140cm (high)

XXL GEO 9 88cm (top) x 56cm (base) x 175cm (high)

Try planting with standard Bays, one either side of your front door or gate.

These planters come with drainage holes as standard, if you would prefer your planter without drainage holes please notify us by leaving a comment in the 'Order Comment' section of the ordering process.

Lead times fluctuate so if your order is time sensitive please contact us to verify lead times.

Select option required:
 GEO6 35 x 22cm x 28cm - £39.00
 GEO14 35 x 22 x 40cm - £111.00
 GEO2 42 x 26 x 55cm - £125.00
 GEO 16 28 x 17 x 80cm - £120.00
 GEO17 33 x 22 x 100cm - £179.00
 GEO12 70 x 56 x 75cm - £332.00
 GEO 1 50 x 32 x 100cm - £235.00
 GEO18 40 x32 x 120CM - £299.00
 GEO11 60 x 40 x 140cm - £442.00
 GEO 9 88 x 56 x 175 - £740.00
Select Colour required:
 Faux Lead
Product Code: GEO Tapered -C-
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