Delivita Wood Fired Ovens

Delivita is an independent British brand, selling a fabulous range of hand-made wood-fired ovens and accessories. Italian family run business, so food and family are at the heart of every occasion, especially pizza! When they cracked the perfect dough recipe long ago, they couldn’t wait to find the perfect oven. With Conventional ovens and Agas not reaching the right temperature (and they impart no flavour), and existing wood-fired ovens being generally too big, expensive and slow reaching cooking temperature, their passion and mission became simple: a good quality artisan home pizza oven, at an attainable price. In 2016 this was achieved!

The Delivita oven design adapts to modern life: FAST, PORTABLE, STYLISH AND SOCIAL. It was also key for it to be hand-crafted and; most importantly; simple and pleasurable to use.

With a bit of advice from local manufacturing experts (and a lot from their extended Italian family) they made the first prototype, and before long the first oven was born. Many tweaks and refinements later, we were ready to share their finished product range right here on our on-line shop. Simply click here

Pizza is the ultimate sharing food - so make sure you watch our events page to find out when we gather around one of our demo ovens and get cookin' ... especially when the famous Joe Formisano {owner of Delivita} joins us!


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