the OLIVE GREEN oven
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the OLIVE GREEN oven

Perfect for all types of outdoor spaces from urban balconies to gardens, the DeliVita range of ovens are wood-fired, meaning you can be cooking fresh pizzas in just 25 minutes from lighting your oven. Once to temperature, your pizzas will be ready to eat in around 90 seconds! Don't panic, if you're not in the mood for pizza, you can also cook meat/fish & veg perfectly in our ovens too!

What we also love about this range is that they are made here in the UK by hand in Yorkshire. As a family business ourselves we also love the fact that we deal direct with the family who own and love DeliVita.

Designed to withstand outdoor life, DeliVita ovens have a completely waterproof shell, but as with all lovely things left outside, we do highly recommend treating yourself to a DeliVita Waterproof Cover to avoid interior clay becoming exposed to damp over long periods of time when not used. We also want you to have your oven ready at a moment's notice!

With five other gorgeous colours to choose from, you'll be spolit for choose in deciding which one is going to look perfect in your outdoor cooking area. Bespoke colours are also an option, so you can get the look that you want.

Do also be sure to check out our three DeliVita oven Bundles designed just for you offering everything you need to get cooking outdoors just the way you want to. There are also great cost savings to be made!

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