C4 Style Kitchen
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The Cubic C4 creates a homely design, with delicate pastels to bring an authentic charm. Feel cosy in your outdoor kitchen where you can cook meals and spend time with your loved ones. The front and back panels of the Cubic C4 have a gorgeous groove with classic bow handles, thus creating a rustic and cosy feel. The intelligent appliances allow a combination of functionality and a cosy style. The C4 can be flexible in design, meaning to can adapt or change it to suit you and your outdoor garden.

Combined with natural materials such as wood and ceramic worktops, the C4 gives a romantic and playful charm to your outdoor area. It blends into your surroundings perfectly and discreetly enhances any outdoor space.

Choose bold pastel colours or sleek grey tones to create a gorgeous to suit you!

Price on quotation only.

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